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Welcome u all to my kitchen world!!!

Cooking is the best thing in the world.
Recipes tastes great when your smile & love is served with food.

Feel happy while cooking.. Add smile & love..

Enjoy cooking!!!!!!!


Rasam is my all time favourite. Here i have given easy way of rasam without using rasam powder.

Soak lemon size tamarind in water to take juice.

For grinding:
Grind below ingredients with out adding water.
pepper seeds- 2sp
dry redchilli-7
jeera-1/2 sp
coriander seeds-1/2 sp
garlic- 2
................ -..............................................................................
curry leaf-3
coriander leaf-little
salt - as required
1. In a bowl put the grinded powder and salt and hing powder.
2. Mash tomato in hand and put into it, add green chilli.Add tamarind juice.
3. Keep the bowl to boil remove from heat before it boils nicely. if rasam is overboiled it will change the taste and aroma.
4. Season it with mustard seeds and jeera. garnish with coriander leaf.

ginger chutney

Ginger chutney:

Ginger-small (1tsp after cut)
curry leaf-10 to 15 leaves
salt- 1/2 tsp
mutard seeds-1/2sp

Put 1sp oil and fry red chilli and keep aside,later fru ginger, curry leaf and tamarind.
make it cool and grind it with redchilli and salt.
season it with mustard seeds.

coriander chutney II

Coriander chutney(with coconut):

Coriander leaf-1 bunch
cocnut- grated 1 cup
salt-as required
green chilli-3 or 4 (as your taste)


mustard seeds-1sp
curry leaves-5leaf


Grind coriander leaf,coconut, green chilli's,salt in mixer. Season it with mustard seeds and curry leaf.

coriander chutney

coriander chutney(with out cocunut):

Coriander leaf- 1 bunch
onion- 1
red chilli-4
salt- as required


mustard seeds-1sp
curry leaves-5leaf


1. Wash coriander leaf nicely.cut onion and tomato into big slices.
2. Heat a pan and pour oil, fry onion,tomato and coriander leaf.
3. Remove it from heat. leave it to cool for few minutes.
4. Add salt as required to your taste and grind it in mixie.
5. Atlast season it with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Welcome u all

I welcome u all to my blog. I started this blog when i was in africa. I specialy thank my dear friend Mrs.srilekha who reminded me my blog now.  Hope your encouragements will motivate me lot.