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nethili karuvadu fry

Nethili karuvadu fry is the tasty fry for dry fish lovers. U can fry and store it for a week. Usually i fry and keep it for my husband whenever my food is not possible for him. He will enjoy the home food whenever he is away from me.

chilli powder-1sp
small onion-10
oil -4 sp
salt-as required

  • First cleaning the karuvadu is the main process. remove the head of the dryfish and remove the black part in the dry fish. Boil a water in the vessel. After the water gets  boiled nicely off itf and put dry fish  in the hot water. Leave the dry fish in the hot water for few minutes. Later remove the water u can see the sand and skin comes in the water itself. nicely wash it.
  • cut onion.
  • First put 2sp of oil in a pan.fry nethili nicely in the oil.Till it becomes soft and little crispy. keep it aside
  • keep another pan, pour the remaining oil. put onion fry it nicely. put fried karuvadu, add chilli powder and salt. Check the salt and put because karuvadu already has salt. so check and put the salt.Fry it nicely. so that chilli powder and salt will be coated on the karuvadu and got fried nicely.

nethili karuvatu kulambu(dry fish)

Dedicating this recipe to all karuvatu lovers.. whenever we say karuvadu lot of people will have mouth watering feeling. Before marriage i cant bare karuvadu smell and i never had it. My husband loves karuvadu. i learned the recipe from my mother in law. Here is the mouth watering kulambu

nethili karuvadu-10 to 15pieces
small onion-10
tamarind - extract juice from lemon size tamarind
curry leaf-5
kulambu podi-2sp
coconut-1cup grind the grated coconut
salt as required
  • First cleaning the karuvadu is the main process. remove the head of the dryfish and remove the black part in the dry fish. Boil a water in the vessel. After the water gets  boiled nicely off itf and put dry fish  in the hot water. Leave the dry fish in the hot water for few minutes. Later remove the water u can see the sand and skin comes in the water itself. nicely wash it.
  • Pour oil in a pan. put fennugreek seeds,onion, curry leaf. After it turn brown add tomato & fry till it mashes. 
  • Add drumstick and karuvadu, fry it . Later add tamarind juice and salt. Leave it to boil for few minutes
  • Add kulambu podi and grinded coconut to the kulambu. Boil it till the raw smell goes and drumstick will get boiled. If kulambu is thick your your yummy nethili karuvadu kulambu is ready.
Goes well with hot rice. Tastes better on the next day with palaiya satham. (ice biriyani!!!)

paasi parupu sambar(moong dal sambar)

hi friends, usually tuesday and friday most of tamil families will prepare sambar. Today i prepared paasi parupu sambar. i prepare this sambar in pressure cooker itself. Easy method to prepare sambar

paasi parupu-1cup
small onion-10
sambar powder-2sp
mustards seeds-1/2sp
curry leaf-5
coriander leaf - for garnishing
salt-as required

  • Cut onion, tomato and vegetables.o
  • Fry the paasi paruppu in the pan without oil untile the raw smell goes
  • keep the pressure cooker  pour oil fry mustard seeds. put onion and fry it nicely
  • Add tomatoes after the onion fried. Put all the vegetables in the cooker and add salt now
  • Pour 3 cup water, add sambar powder and close the lid of the pressure cooker
  • After 5 whistles switch off the stove. now sambar is ready. Garnish with coriander leaf.

serve it with rice, dosa, idaly, pongal

Green tomato chutney

Green tomato chutney is different chutney. Usually tomato chutney will be reddish color. But this tomato chutney will be white. Secret of it is we are not going to use the red tomato in this chutney. While buying tomatoes in the market. we will sometime take the little raw tomato also. choose those little greenish tomato for this chutney.

tomato(little greenish)big-1(is small put2)
green chilli-3(as per your taste)
mustard seeds-1sp
curry leaf-5
  • Keep pan in stove and pour oil. After the oil got heated put onion and green chilli. saute it for few minutes until it becomes brown, Now add tomato and saute it again for few more minutes. Tomato and onion should be fried nicely. Remove it from the stove and keep aside for cooling. Later grind it in mixie by adding salt.
  • Remove the grinder chutney in the serving vessel and season it with above given items.
Chutney goes well with dosa, idaly. Specially it tastes great with thick dosa.

Naattu kozhi kulambu

Hi, last sunday  i prepared naatu kozhi kulambu. This is my husband's favourite. He loves it. Hope u too will love it.


Naatu kozhi-1/2kg
onion(small)- 10
coriander powder-2sp
chilli powder-1sp
garam masala powder-1sp
bay leaf-1
coriander leaf- for garnishing
salt-as required
pepper seeds-1sp
big jeera-1/2 sp
water little for grinding it as paste
  • Firstly clean the chicken nicely with turmeric powder and keep it aside. Cut the onion and tomato into small pieces.
  • Grind the items given for grinding in the mixer. 
  • Keep the pressure cook in the stove. pour oil and put bay leaf, cinamon, cloves.fry till it becomes brown. 
  • Now add onion and saute it nicely later add tomato fry for few minutes.
  • Add the cleaned chicken pieces it in. Fry the chicken nicely allow the water to come from the chicken. Wait till the color changes in the chicken. Now add the coriander powder, chilli powder, garam masala powder, and salt.
  • Nicely mix the chicken with powder and it will come as nice gravy. Now add coconut grinded paste in it. Pour the water according to the thickness of the kulambu u need. 
  • close the lid of the pressure cooker. Leave to 5 whistles in high flame and later keep it in low flame for few minutes. Naatu kozhi will not boil easily. so if it is not boiled keep another 2 whistles.
  • Garnish it with coriander leaf. Now yummy naatu kozhi kulambu is ready.
You can serve it with hot rice, dosa, idaly, chapathi,idiyappam

Fish kulambu

Fish kulambu is my all time favourite. My hubby home town is tuticorin. Tuticorin is coastal area and famous for its harbour. we get fresh fish always. We used to do shala meen fish frequently. Small variety fish will taste good for kulambu.


shalai meen- 10 to 15/any small variety fish
small onion- 10 to 15
tamarind- big lemon size
kulambu podi- 2sp
curry leaf-10
fennugreek seeds-1/4sp

For grinding

coconut-1 cup grated
big jeera-1/2 sp
pepper seeds-1/2sp
small onion-5

*Clean the fish nicely. Atlast rub it with salt so that the raw smell will be low.
* Cut onions into small pieces.
*First grind all the given items for grinding and pour it in the vessel in which u r going to prepare the kulambu. extract the tamarind juice and pour on the grinded mixture. Put kulambu podi and salt for taste.keep this aside.
*Pour oil in a pan, put fennu greekseeds wait till it changes to light brown. Add onions and fry it nicely. Put curry leaf. keep the flame in sim. Add chilli powder and all the oil will turn out red. Now pour the onion fried with oil in the kulam which u have kept aside.
*Allow the kulambu to boil nicely.If your kulambu is watery. Allow it to thick. After it gets thick now time to put the fish in it. Allow it to boil it for sometime and keep in lowflame at last. with in few minutes fish will get boiled soon. So be careful after putting the fish, Fish should not break that is mainthing is fish kulambu.
 Mainly before putting the fish check the consistency. If u want thick fish kulambu. Make the gravy thick before putting the fish itself. After if u leave it to become thick your fish will get broken.If you follow this method yummy fish kulambu is ready.
Goes well with hot rice, idiyappam, dosa

simple tomato chutney

Today morning i tried this chutney. I prepared this chutney very quickly. Taste was also very good.Hope u will like it. Here it goes...

red chilli(dry)-5
mustard seeds-1/4 sp
curry leaf-5 leaf
salt- as required

First put the chillis in the water and let it become soft.cut the tomato into small pieces.
Pour oil in a pan fry tomato, and chilli. Add salt to it.Leave it to cool.
Grind it in mixie. Atlast season it with mustard seeds and curry leaf.
Goes well with dosa, idaly.

coconut vada

Coconut vada:
During all festival days and poojas   coconut plays an important role. We will have lot of coconuts, but we don’t know what to do with that. Here is the best idea to use it. My mom will do it frequently.
When u grind for idaly, soak extra 1 cup of rice for vada also.
Rice – 1cup
Coconut-grated 1cup
Salt as required
Oil- for deep fry
1.     Grind the soaked rice with little water, its should be thick like u grind idiyapam. keep it aside by adding salt to it.
2.     Add grated coconut to it. Coconut should mix with grinded rice nicely.
3.     If the grinded vada mix is little watery add rice flour to it. Keep the pan,pour oil to fry.
4.     Take small lemon size vada mix. Press it with your hand nicely so that it flattens. Now deep fry the vada in oil. Now the vada is ready.
We can have it for evening tiffon  with tea. In our house my mom prepares it for breakfast itself. Side dish for this vada is red chilli idaly powder.

Egg kulambu

Egg kulambu:(egg curry)

Today i want to share my egg kulambu recipe which i prepared for lunch.Hope u will like it.


small onion-250gm

To grind:

coriander leaf-little to grind
cinammon-1 inch
coriander powder-1sp
chilli powder-1sp
pepper powder-1sp
coconut-grated 1/2 cup
onion- 10 (from 250gm)

* Firstly cut onion and tomato into small pieces.Grind all the items given to grind to a fine paste.
* Pour oil in a pan and fry somb and jeera, fry onion nicely after it cooked add tomatoes.Wait till onion  and tomato becomes soft. Add the grinded paste to it leave until the raw smell goes and nice aroma comes from the gravy.
* Pour little water on the gravy, leave it to boil. While the kulambu boils nicely off the stove.  Break the egg and pour in the kulambu just like pouring for half boil, break and pour it. close the pan leave it for a while. Egg will be boiled in the heat of the kulambu itself.Later on keep the stove in low flame so that the egg will be cooked nicely without breaking.
* Egg kulambu is ready to eat now. Whenever feel bore of eating chicken, mutton u can try this egg kulambu taste great. Serve with chapathi, roti, rice.

Boiled onion chutney

Boiled onion chutney:

red chilli-5
salt- as required

for tempering:
mustard seeds-1sp
curry leaf-5

cut onion and tomato into medium size.
pressure cook onion,tomato and red chilli with little water to 3 whistles.o
keep it to cool and grind it nicely.Temper it with given items. 

It taste good with idly and it is very healthy too.


Rasam is my all time favourite. Here i have given easy way of rasam without using rasam powder.

Soak lemon size tamarind in water to take juice.

For grinding:
Grind below ingredients with out adding water.
pepper seeds- 2sp
dry redchilli-7
jeera-1/2 sp
coriander seeds-1/2 sp
garlic- 2
................ -..............................................................................
curry leaf-3
coriander leaf-little
salt - as required
1. In a bowl put the grinded powder and salt and hing powder.
2. Mash tomato in hand and put into it, add green chilli.Add tamarind juice.
3. Keep the bowl to boil remove from heat before it boils nicely. if rasam is overboiled it will change the taste and aroma.
4. Season it with mustard seeds and jeera. garnish with coriander leaf.

ginger chutney

Ginger chutney:

Ginger-small (1tsp after cut)
curry leaf-10 to 15 leaves
salt- 1/2 tsp
mutard seeds-1/2sp

Put 1sp oil and fry red chilli and keep aside,later fru ginger, curry leaf and tamarind.
make it cool and grind it with redchilli and salt.
season it with mustard seeds.

coriander chutney II

Coriander chutney(with coconut):

Coriander leaf-1 bunch
cocnut- grated 1 cup
salt-as required
green chilli-3 or 4 (as your taste)


mustard seeds-1sp
curry leaves-5leaf


Grind coriander leaf,coconut, green chilli's,salt in mixer. Season it with mustard seeds and curry leaf.

coriander chutney

coriander chutney(with out cocunut):

Coriander leaf- 1 bunch
onion- 1
red chilli-4
salt- as required


mustard seeds-1sp
curry leaves-5leaf


1. Wash coriander leaf nicely.cut onion and tomato into big slices.
2. Heat a pan and pour oil, fry onion,tomato and coriander leaf.
3. Remove it from heat. leave it to cool for few minutes.
4. Add salt as required to your taste and grind it in mixie.
5. Atlast season it with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Welcome u all

I welcome u all to my blog. I started this blog when i was in africa. I specialy thank my dear friend Mrs.srilekha who reminded me my blog now.  Hope your encouragements will motivate me lot.