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nethili karuvatu kulambu(dry fish)

Dedicating this recipe to all karuvatu lovers.. whenever we say karuvadu lot of people will have mouth watering feeling. Before marriage i cant bare karuvadu smell and i never had it. My husband loves karuvadu. i learned the recipe from my mother in law. Here is the mouth watering kulambu

nethili karuvadu-10 to 15pieces
small onion-10
tamarind - extract juice from lemon size tamarind
curry leaf-5
kulambu podi-2sp
coconut-1cup grind the grated coconut
salt as required
  • First cleaning the karuvadu is the main process. remove the head of the dryfish and remove the black part in the dry fish. Boil a water in the vessel. After the water gets  boiled nicely off itf and put dry fish  in the hot water. Leave the dry fish in the hot water for few minutes. Later remove the water u can see the sand and skin comes in the water itself. nicely wash it.
  • Pour oil in a pan. put fennugreek seeds,onion, curry leaf. After it turn brown add tomato & fry till it mashes. 
  • Add drumstick and karuvadu, fry it . Later add tamarind juice and salt. Leave it to boil for few minutes
  • Add kulambu podi and grinded coconut to the kulambu. Boil it till the raw smell goes and drumstick will get boiled. If kulambu is thick your your yummy nethili karuvadu kulambu is ready.
Goes well with hot rice. Tastes better on the next day with palaiya satham. (ice biriyani!!!)


Anonymous said...

what is kulambu podi

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great recipe, I wanna try it - but I don't know what kulambu podi is :(. Please tell us what kulambu podi is.

Anonymous said...

kulambu podi = kulambu milagai podi

it is red chilli powder.

add a pinch of turmeric powder to it for taste.


Anonymous said...

steps to prepare kulambu powder.



Anonymous said...

WOW!!!.... Great recipe!..Thanks for sharing with us!!..