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chicken fry

chicken-1/2 kg
curd-1/2 cup
chilli powder- 1sp(or)chicken65 powder
masala powder-1sp
ginger garlic paste-1sp
salt as required
1. Marinate the chicken with all the ingredients above.
2. Put oil in the fry pan. After the oil get heated. put chicken in the pan and saute it nicely. so that oil will get added with the chicken
3. Put it in low flame. so that the chicken water comes out from the curd and chicken
4. cook till the chicken is boiled.
5. After you are sure the chicken is boiled.
6. Keep the flame in high. Saute it nicely otherwise gravy will get burnt. saute it nicely so that all the gravy nicely join with the chicken.
7. chicken will be dry
At last garnish with coriander leaf. you can serve with rice as side dish. It is fried chicken with less oil. Very easy and less oil chicken fry.

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